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 “The Soul of the Organization” Cites Five Essential Requirements for High Performing Organizations”

                Zenoff inspires leaders and managers to learn from successful organizations with “soul” based on case histories of 11 high-performing companies and non-profits

San Francisco, CA – December 10, 2012 – Given that most organizations are plagued by low levels of employee engagement and subpar performance, how do successful organizations inspire passion in their employees, ignite and sustain employee engagement, boost individual and overall organizational productivity and put themselves on a path to sustained positive performance? It is this question that David. B. Zenoff, management consultant, former academic and author, tackles in his new book, “The Soul of the Organization”.

Based on the author’s extensive experience over 4 decades consulting and observing some of the best-known global brands and organizations, “The Soul of the Organization” tells the insightful case histories of 11 high-performing companies and not for profit organizations, with examples from 30 other organizations. These real world examples cites five essential elements in the “souls” of high performing organizations critical to fostering strong employee engagement at all levels. Zenoff offers these elements as powerful forces for fostering employee engagement, satisfaction, and meaning, then goes on to provide both a conceptual framework and a practical primer on how to leverage these key ingredients to create, sustain, and nourish a soul – in any organization.

Retired Wells Fargo Chairman and CEO, Dick Kovacevich, comments “In my 45 years in business, I have learned, as David Zenoff illustrates so well in this book, that positive employee engagement, motivation and recognition for a job well done at all levels in any corporation, profit or not-for-profit, is the key to long term success.  It’s what’s in employees’ hearts, not just their heads, that produces results.  In hiring people, I don’t care how much they know until I know how much they care. ‘The Soul of the Organization’ provides real-world examples and a clear blueprint for how organizations can create or fortify their “souls” to inspire employee engagement and produce superior results.”

“The Soul of the Organization” is available at for $24.99 (print) and $17.99 (e-book): ISBN13: 978-1-4302-4965-8.

About David B. Zenoff

David B. Zenoff advises CEOs, senior executives, and Boards of Directors on organization renewal, leadership and general management practices, Board-CEO relationships, top executive team functioning, implementing important organizational change, and strategy formulation. During the past 43 years, he has consulted for more than 90 organizations including large, complex, multinational companies down to young start-ups in many industries in 31 countries. His clients have also included not for profit organizations in several domains. He has also worked in various advisory and board capacities for public and private companies and not-for-profit organizations. Earlier in his career, David Zenoff taught at the Stanford Graduate School of Business, Columbia Graduate School of Business, and IMEDE (now IMD) in Switzerland. He holds a BA degree from Stanford University, and MBA and DBA degrees from Harvard Business School.

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