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Listen In: Zara Larsen Interviews David Zenoff about “The Soul of the Organization”

Join Dr. Zara Larsen and David Zenoff as they discuss his new book in a December 22nd interview on her FM talk radio show “Circles of Change: Conversations on Change Leadership and Career Fulfillment”:

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About Dr. Zara Larsen

Dr. Zara Larsen

Dr. Zara F. Larsen is President of The Larsen Group: Architects of Change, a private consulting firm dedicated to helping others unleash potential through transformational change.  She is committed to repositioning organizations for breakthrough performance via individuals playing to their natural giftedness and motivated abilities. Zara’s passion lies in upending the status quo for sustainable system change, not just capturing point opportunities or resolving point issues – doing so with speed and process discipline. Involved in a diverse set of client projects ranging from strategic talent acquisition campaigns to merger integrations, Zara also serves as an executive and career transition coach leveraging SIMA technology, the System for Identifying Motivated Abilities.  She is the host of Tucson’s live FM talk radio show “Circles of Change: Conversations on Change Leadership and Career Fulfillment”, which is simultaneously web streamed at every Saturday 9-11:00 a.m. PST (12:00-2:00 est)